Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two wheels good, more wheels bad

Today was an excellent day for being on two wheels. I imagine that the unions will be quite content with the fuming blockage they managed to provoke on most of London's roads. It's interesting to note that much of France is on strike today so maybe there is something in the air.

Returning from a nice long holiday - so generally in a good mood already - my good mood was further enhanced by tootling past the miles of traffic on my Vespa. If you commute between five and fifteen miles in London, I seriously recommend you consider a scooter or motorbike. It just makes you happier.

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Ron said...

Absolutely no reaction to this post, but your one from July has me thinking. Your comment about children learning from the healthy relationships they grow up with. Are we having healthier relationships than our parents did? What about our grandparents? What about those of 500 years ago? Is there a steady progression toward health(y)? Or does something else happen? Well intentioned parents, mis-perceived or unappreciated. Bad parental behavior responded to by deliberate improvement when the children grow up? I think it might be the process of unintended consequences. One generation's responses to the good and bad of their parents without understanding what the experience of being raised by the "corrected" child, now parent, actually feels like. Sometimes with the resulting feeling of (especially during the teenage years): "I wish I had been as fortunate to be raised by someone as sensitive as me, you little ingrate!"