Monday, March 15, 2010

When you're ready...

A number of things over the last few weeks have caused me to reflect further on the nature of change in people.

Two of my friends, less than 24 hours apart, said to me more or less verbatim,

"Of course, I've heard it said hundreds of times, people have told me again and again over the years but it wasn't until I experienced [insert perspective changing experience] that I finally understood"

Like the old joke about how many therapists it takes to change a light bulb... "One, but does the light bulb really want to be changed?"

In the current revolution that is social learning, maybe we should put the word, "training" quietly to sleep.

"perspective changing", "experience facilitating", "reflection forcing"... too convoluted?

Or just stick with, helping learning happen.


Peter Edstrom said...

Too convoluted. Stick with "helping learning happen".

Most people in my experience want to "learn", but only if it doesn't take them out of their comfort zone (ie, not much learning at all).

I'd say: keep the terminology old, but the techniques fresh.

Peter Edstrom

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann said...

agree :) - did you read the paper minds on fire by John Seely Brown? It fits very well with what you described.

Hugh Greenway said...

Peter and Bjoern, thanks for your comments. I particulalry like, "Keep the terminology old but the techniques fresh"

Richard Barkey said...

I agree Hugh - it's the old principle of Learning by Doing. Same with coaching. If I tell you something, it has little impact. If I get you to experience something, practice something, or think it through for yourself, it works.

(Actually I've been thinking a lot recently how similar selling and coaching are to each other, for the same reason).

How we brand this so that people who've had a bad experience with "training" get it... that's the tricky thing, I agree!